Abstinence is saying yes to the rest of your life.




Teen-Aid, Inc.

723 E. Jackson
Spokane, WA 99207

About Teen-Aid

Mission Statement

Teen-Aid is a not-for profit organization started in 1981 for the specific purpose of reducing premarital sexual activity and its many consequences. The method believed most valuable was abstinence and risk avoidance education, which stresses character development and connection to parents.


Getting Involved

Teen-Aid Setting the Standard for 25 years

Teen-Aid staff & volunteers have helped teens and parents be proud of their decisions. Presenters use multi-media and personal experiences to teach critical life skills. Thought provoking presenters deliver current information for successful parents and teens. Over 9,000 teens and parents were served last year in Eastern Washington. You too, can become a volunteer or give financial support so teens can safely navigate life’s choices.

To schedule a presentation or become a volunteer please contact the Teen-Aid office at (509) 482-2868.